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Holding Onto [Please Comment]


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I sorta just conjured this one up. Thought about thinking about nothing as always... just this time it came out in words.


Holding Onto


When nothing stays with you

and things just run you through

its like your empty

but you want to hold onto something

and it just keeps on flowing

and keeps on hurting

when your thoughts just can't


The thoughts just keep on streaming.


Hold onto that thought.

It'll be the last time

and the first time she will

ever say it.

Hold onto that little moment

it'll be the last time

the only time

to remember it.

Don't hold on too long,

or it will start holding onto you.

That little toy you once held

will soon be holding you,

entrancing you

denying you

destroying you.

And there you will be my boy

just like I am,

holding onto something

that I wish I forgot.

Holding onto something

that I never thought

would be the end of me.

But isn't it hard to not let go?

but isn't it hard to hold onto

the good things?


The good things,

The good things turn into

the demonic figure of

your third dimension

the destruction of your

true intentions.

As it destroys your bad days

it will soon reverse and destroy

your best days.

Those happy moments were once

an escape

those happy moments were once

all you thought about

those happy moments are now

the rest of your days.


and corroding

the sanity





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