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She gives him her number

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I don't know whay your getting at, but do you mean the girl gives you her number before you even ask for it, knowing that you would have? If that's the case, then she's just showing you that she is interested (my g/f wrote her number in my notebook before leaving class when we met). Some girls do this because they feel like the person is friendly or something, and just want to let them know that they would like to talk more.


Now if your talking about a girl already in a relationship and she gives out her number to another guy, then thats different. Although there are many different circumstances where a girl will do this (such as a work friend, or study friend from class), but if she is just going out and giving her number, then she's trying to keep her options open. In case things don't work out in her current relationship, she already has a few guys on the backburner that she will be able to go out with.


I don't know if this stuff helped or not, but if you could be a little more clear on your question, then maybe I (or others) would be able to give you a better answer.

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Yeah play that as just a friend thing at first, with the possiblity of more happening. Pretty much this girl is showing you that if she wants something, she will go for it (she is very determined and up front, both good and bad things depending on how you take them). Since she never said anything about just being friends, but she did say that she would like to go out with you and see you over the break, that is a indication that she is interested but don't rush into things. Play it as just friends, call her up and invite her out to something and take things from there. If she later drops the "just friend" bomb then your fine, since you already went into this thinking she was just a friend anyways.

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If I were you, after break, act like good friends, get to know her, take her on a few dates and if you are interested in her, ask her out, I think it sounds like she is trying to get closer to you, to see if she you are her type, and giving you a little bit of a heads up that she is interested. Good Luck!

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it's hard to judge sometimes, not the friend thing, but i'm pretty well off for being in high school. I work 2 jobs... i've had a few that just want my wallet or what not. but they seem to be a bit more crude and real good looking unfortunately. I've lowered my standards a bit and found her, she is very nice, not super attractive and not every guy goes after.


i just have to think of something to do besides going out to dinner....

suggestions? it's really cold here so outside is pretty much out of the question.

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Well Inspiration first you can't judge every woman out there just becasue of a few bad fish. Yes some women are very materialistic (and some men too) and they only go after someone that will be able to support their habit. Not all girls will be after your wallet and stuff like that, so don't get into any type of relationship with someone if you go in thinking that they are going to use you for something.


As for things do to, well your age limits you to only a few things. One good thing you may want to think about is trying to find a local jazz/live music club. These places are really cool, and usually the music is light enough in the background that it doesn't interrupt your conversations. You can also check with some of the local coffee shops, since they also will have live music every now and then. It keeps you out of the cold and gives you something warm to drink.

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Well... i called her up today around 1... no answer.... around 4... no answer... left a message at 5... her mom got it then my friend calls my cell saying she already is getting ready to go out with her friend to a movie and she feels bad.

i play it off and say no problem, this and that... hopefully we can find some free time another day. she says that'd be great.


I text her (i hate texting)since she was in a movie, to let her know i'll call her tomorrow since I have no plans and if she'd like lunch and other random activities that I'm all for it.


I was really down whenever she called and was already doing something, but what can I do? she kept telling me to call her again but on this number so I guess she isn't blowing me off.... oh well......

went from a good day to a bad one pretty quickly.... something just needs to play out how I plan for once. whenever I meet someone there is always a catch no matter how random it may be, but coming home and watching napoleon dynamite alone isn't exactly fun.


should I call her tomorrow or is it ruined? i'm lost here... i know there is interest I just don't want her thinking the wrong thing ya know?



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