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I definitely agree with the xenadrine...hydroxycut is one of many products of that type, and quite frankly its at the lower end. However, I have neer heard from any nutritionalist about doing the on off procedure for metabolizer enhansers. The on and off method is more commonly used with things like creatine (for good biological reasons)...the guy i go to told me to stay on for at least two months to get the results i wanted...remember you cant just take the pills and get thinner. What the pills do is they motabolize fat cells in your body and convert it into usable energy that circulates throughout the bloodstream, but if you dont use that energy (via exercize), then it will just be re-deposited as fat...hope i helped...any other questions just ask, im decent with nutritional/bodybuilding stuff

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I was just speaking from experience. I used Xenadrine EFX in conjunction with a low carb diet. It worked wonderfully doing the recommended 2x 2-capsule dosage per day for about a month, then my weight loss went down to just a pound a week for 2 to 3 months. I stopped taking the Xenadrine for a bit because I figured it wasn't working anymore.


About a month or so later, I picked up the remainder of the bottle, and (still in conjunction with low carb diet) I used only HALF the dosage (2 capsules in the morning, that was it) and my weight loss results tripled. Since then I have been doing the breaks in between and I get better results on half the dosage than the full dosage without the breaks.


Good luck!

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