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two very quick question about relationships...

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Hi, I have two quick questions.


Firstly..I was just wondering how people keep a relationship running for so long, im thinking atleast over 2 years?

I mean dont you get bored?

How do you keep the excitment there?

Keep the relationship fresh?


That sort of stuff...


Secondly..Is it possible to be in a romantic kind of relationship but still have excitemnet? some peopel i know said that they dont really think that you can have both at the same time.


What do you guys think?


Thanks for any answers in advance...Cheers!

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Well let's answer the first set of questions.


A relationship can keep going for a long period of time as long as both partners are able to communicate about everything. This includes feelings of boredom, excitment, and so on. As long as each partner can tell the other what it is they do/don't like, then it keeps the relationship on good terms. Long running relationships can have the risk of boredom hitting in if you don't talk about it (my g/f and I took a break after 2 years because we were bored, but we never talked about it either until we broke up). Same thing goes for keeping things exciting. You may think that after 2 years you would have tried/done just about everything possible to excite your partner, and can't think of anything else to do. But in that 2 years you will also learn new things about your partner, which can also give you new ideas (like me going to my g/f house, cleaning her room and leaving some roses on her bed, something I never thought of until a year into our relationship when I realized that she loves her room to be clean, just never has time to do it). For me, I think it's mainly communication that keeps a relationship going on for a long period of time.


As for the second question. Well yes. Just becasue your relationship is

romantic that doesn't mean that there is no excitment in it either. I think the two could actually go hand in hand if you are with someone you feel a real romantic connection with. If you are, then even the most miniscual task (like sitting down for a cup of tea) can be full of excitment just becasue of the romantic feelings you have for one another. I don't know, that's just my 2 cents.

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In my opinion, if you're with the right person and there's a great connection, there really shouldn't be any problem with keeping the relationship alive and interesting! I don't know if there's any ste rules to live by that help achieve this. It really depends on the relationship between the people.


I have wonderful levels of romance AND excitement in my relationship. So I guess it is possible!

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