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Deciphering signals: "friendship" vs "more th

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Okay boys and girls, I'm looking for tons of opinions here:

How do you treat someone you "like as a friend" vs someone you "like as more than a friend"?


For example:

with a "just friend" when talking, I'll look at their face-area in general


with someone I like as "more than a friend" my eyes are pretty much locked on theirs, or looking away kinda nervously.



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With someone i like as a friend.. i'd be relaxed and happy to talk about almost anything with them. With someone i like more than a friend.. i'd be nervous and red in the face if they asked me a question.


I believe it's always better to start a relationship as been friends first because you can get to know the person better in many ways.

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Lets see. With friends I just talk away. With more than friends I probably act like an idiot try too hard to keep eye contact when I do keep it, think too much about what I am going to say next, not be very deep in my conversation probably because I am thinking about the situation too much. Can you tell I don't have a gf?


Heh well that's the extreme anyway not always that bad.

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