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Good day,

I'm freshman at university. I am studying environmental engineering. This study wasn't my first choise but I thought that I will like it. However, two months already passed and all the courses seem so booring. Everytime I go to my class, I am suffering and I want it to pass as quickly as possible. The teachers don't really care about the students, if they are interested in the subject or not. They only come to the class, say what's on their computer and leave. All we do in classes is write theoretics. The only class I like is the one in laboratory. There we do some practise. But it's only once a week.

My question is, should it be that way (boring)? Because in my country you start to study things about your future profession only in the last year (we study bachelor for 4 years). So now I don't know, should first three years be boring, or I've picked the wrong profession?

Please, share your experience about your student life.

Thank you

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Thank you for your answer Edmund Exley, the problem is I'm not sure about the profession too. I'm not seeing my self being an environmentalist in the future, well at least not in working the jobs that are offered in my country.

Well, but that's my problem and I have to sort it out on my self, you won't be able to help with that.

Thank you anyways, I will add much thougth into it

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I think you should try to find a person who has a degree in your program and job shadow them. No matter what you study, no job is exactly the same. I would job shadow several different people so you can get a better idea of potential job prospects. If you still don't think it's for you, finish out your current classes at least and meet with a career counselor to help you figure out what to study instead. Good luck!

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