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arguments and namecalling

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That was one of the big problems my g/f and I had, which is what made us need to take a "break" from each other and grow up. During our few arguments (we never fought that much) we would end up just insulting each other, or "talk down" to each other. I know there were a few times were I slipped and called her stupid, and there were times were she would slip and call me an idiot. There have been some other things said, but for me I don't need to worry about the past anymore since we both moved on from that and are know able to express ourselves without the need of yelling, screaming, and insulting.


One question for you, why do you ask?

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this is the meanest thing that my ex-husband had ever said to me. some of my friends think it's funny but i didn't think it was funny at all. my ex-husband was a serious alcholic and i would nag at him alot to quit drinking so one day he finally said to me " I can pick you or i can pick beer, guess what I pick beer." needless to say i was devasted. he walked out the door on me and my kids and i never saw him since.

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Wow that is harsh, and not funny at all. I was in a similar situation over a year ago with my current g/f. I wasn't an alcholic, but I was a pot head. It was a $400 a week habit that I wanted to quit. When I met my g/f I was trying to quit, but kept getting back into it every couple months. My g/f was very supportive and always wanted to help, but it got to a point where she had to ask me if I had to choose what I wanted in my life, her or pot, which would I choose. Well I chose her, and I've been clean every since then. Sorry that someone was that rude to you, and I can't believe that someone would choose a material object over a person they love (or at least said they did).

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I dated a guy when I was young & foolish & he was a mean drunk (he never drank very often at least) but he had a serious drug addiction. One day he was drinking & we got into an argument & he told me that I turned out to be a wh0re just like his mother. First of all, he said that because I kissed someone else while we were broken up. Second of all, he said this about his mother who had been dead for about 15 years.

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My boyfriend and I have both said some pretty nasty things to each other. I think when there are strong feelings involved (and two very stubborn people with a tendency to have bad tempers), there will be harsh words spoken.


One of the worst things I've ever said to him were that I hated his Christmas present that he bought me last year. They were diamond earrings, and of course they were incredible. I loved them at the time, but he kept mentioning it over and over again for the rest of the night. We drank too much wine and were arguing constantly, so I said, "I can't believe you bought me jewlery, you know I don't wear it and could care less about it. You don't know me at all.". Let's just say that he wasn't very happy.

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