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For the guys...

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Hey guys... I was just wondering... and actually... wanted to know... What do you think about shaving your legs?

I mean... I really don't like to do it because... i'm a man... and I'm suppost to have hair anyways... But I also play soccer. And when I'm at P.E. or what ever, and have to use shorts to play, I show my legs. Some girls... EVEN guys... think that I should shave them because... I have no Idea...


Anyways... What do you guys think? I know that if you play football you HAVE to shave your legs but, what if you don't play football?

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I had a few swimmer friends, my bro's a swimmer, and my bf's a swimmer. They all shave their legs and their arms. Some go as far as shaving their head. ...except my brother. He's not secure in himself enough to not think shaving makes a difference in his manlihood. (I think shaving gives them 0.02 seconds in races or something.)


I really don't see guys who shave any differently from guys who don't shave. I think it's all a matter of personal preferences and personal needs.


A few of my girl friends never shave either. I don't think that's a big deal either, especially when some of these girls are so hairless you'd never know they don't shave.

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I do a lot of cycling (racing/training), and a lot of guys who ride shave their legs for both aerodynamics (that whole 1/100,000 of a second!) but more for when you crash - its easier to clean up the road rash or dirt/gravel. Feels better for leg massages too.


As a girl, does not bother me if a guy shaves his legs, can be sexy if you have great muscles (mmm....quads, and calves...), it shows the definition off more. But, hairy is just as fine for me. Do what you want

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I knew a guy that shaved his legs just because he liked it. Not for a sport or anything. I liked it on him, because he had nice muscles. Now he let it all grow back and it just looks weird. As for other guys, I'm not so sure I'd like for them to shave their legs. I know I wouldn't like my boyfriend's legs shaved. It's no really a big deal to me, though.

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gosh... i wish i could do something like that , i dunno i just think that im one of those guys who are too hairry... but thats just my opinion. But i wouldnt shave them.. it would be better to get them waxed... but i would just do that on like my stomach and back and chest... i dont think guys should worry about their legs.....

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yeah , well it depends on how old they are... if they are young then its all in peer pressure I would think... when people get older it doesnt really matter, they can live however they want and dont have to worry about it. But as a teenager peopole are so immature and make fun of you and never learn the concept of "accepting people as they are" until later.. and thats sad...

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