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Caught between sickness, new job and travelling overseas.

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Ok so here is my situation. I have been at my

current job for almost 2 years. Unfortunately

I not been happy since the first day. IN April

of this year I was diagnosed with a chronic hepatitis b disease.

Throughout most of this year I have been on

treatment with some very nasty side-effects.

Now during the time when I was sick my work did

not show me any remorse, I was just pushed to work

harder and harder. So I made a decision that next

year in March 2005 I am going overseas to do

some travelling. But now I have got a really good

job offer. But the thing is if I leave my current

job, I will loose my medical aid and will have

to pay for my medication myself. Also is it

worth taking this new job for 3-4 months and

then just quitting when I want to move overseas?

The problem is also is that I might have to

stay here a bit longer to recover from my illness

because the doctors cannot tell me yet if the

treatment has worked. The results are looking

good at the moment but I have not been cured yet.

Some advice on this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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