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penis growth...


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6'5" in height too right?


To Iceman: Because a few people were chatting about Lollicup in general forum before and I noticed that your location's also OC. ^^; So, yeah, random question.


^^ 6'3" in height... oops, sorry. ahaha, my bad.




Well, then, what Iceman said, they'll still grow... dont' worry too much. Don't think most girls care that much either.

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what;s the min size?


Apparently the minimum (satisfactory) size for most women is at least a little above average both in length and girth, e.g., 6 3/4 X 5 1/2. The "ideal" size is considerably bigger:


link removed


If a guy is merely average -- say, 5 3/4 X 4 3/4 -- he won't even be enjoyable for most women, let alone satisfying. Perhaps this is why so many women fake orgasms, and/or think of other men when they're having sex with their inadequate boyfriends.


Because women almost always link removed[/i]]lie about this to protect their men's feelings, there are likely millions of underendowed guys out there who think they are sexually adequate when really they're not. If men knew what women were really thinking during sex, the divorce rate would probably skyrocket overnight.

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I don't think size plays that big of a role as you think.


Well I haven't had sex, but two women in the past have...well...seen my "stuff" and they didn't have any problems with the size of it. Mine is just average size too.


But I mean I dunno. For me it's not a big concern.

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