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Semi Formal is soon and i need some help....

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Hey hey, I just ordered my dress and shawl, and i just need to go get my shoes....BUT the thing is...i don't know what to do with my hair....i have a hairdresser....but she works on her own so she doesn't have any books for me to look at to say "THATS wat i want"....so just wondering if anyone knew of anysites i can go through to find the hairstyle for me...and just to help me out....thankz so much

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It's really hard to help you when we don't know what you look like. Personality, height, event, the shape of your face, the color and style of your dress should all contribute to selecting your hairstyle.


... what I'm trying to say is you didn't give us enough information to help you out.


Are you trying to stay conservative or be modern?

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its a dance....its formal...but they say "semi formal"...but its pretty formal....


anywayz...im blonde...mid back length hair (maybe a lil shorter)....5'3"....crazy hyper yet can be pretty shy....oh yes and my dress is Navy (along with the shawl)...strapless..


im hoping for many curls, as well as it being up...yet sum curls down....just really funky and different.....and i got to get it done two nights in a row mine and my b/f's semi to go to....

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Semi formal is actually supposed to be a lot less formal than a ball or a prom. Supposely people show up in suits and ties or dresses that aren't the full length or a little bit more casual than what you'd wear to eh...Oscars.


However, most high schoolers have no idea what semi-formal means... so just dress it as if you're going to a ball. T_T All the rest of the girls will be dressed up enough that they can see the queen anyways.


It's basically just a dance where you dress up. It's not supposed to be just a dance... but what can you expect of high schoolers? Dance waltz? No way.. they're going to busting out their modern dance to hip hop no matter what they're wearing.


Hmm... avoid high heels more than 2.5 inches. You'll be on your feet most of the night. A lot of girls take their shoes off 1 or 2 hour into the dance and leave their shoes on the side then go in bare foot. I think that's one of the most class less thing you can possibly do at a dance, one step down from the guys and girls pretending to have set or actually making out on the dance floor. If your high heels are realitively comfortable you won't have to take your shoes off. I don't get why those girls even bother to wear shoes. Honestly, they're just going to walk bare foot for most of the evening anyways. Why not leave their houses without shoes, it's all the same.



^_^ Don't worry too much about the dances. As long as someone keeps asking you out, it's really not that big a deal. It's just a dress up party. Go and have some fun and remember to have some snacks and take pictures of people with dresses they absolutely shouldn't have worn. (for example, a girl with a big beer belly but dressed in something made of synthetic materials that drapes down her body and enhances the effects of her belly...I always love that style.)

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Dead Eyes, a semi-formal is exactly what the name seems to be. it's only semi, or half way, formal. unfortunately most persons today have no idea how to dress for semi-formal. the result is that if you went to a semi-formal and a formal you wouldn't be able to tell which was which just by looking at how ppl were dressed.


if you care to dress properly for a semi, don't wear a tuxedo. a black or navy suit suit with a dress shirt and tie, along with a pair of dress shoes, is the proper male dress-code for semi-formals. save the tux for a formal or a wedding. but i guess if all your friends are wearing tuxedos and u don't want to look less decked out then go ahead a sport ur tux.

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unnaturally_thin, i hope ur find a hairstyle that u like, but i'll give u some advice from a male perspective. as long as ur hair looks decent you shouldn't be worried. what you should make sure is that your dress is nice and unique. at all the semis and formals that i've attended, i never paid great attention to a girl's hair. they all looked nice. but i can't recall how many times two or more girls wore the exact same dress. i duno if it's just me, but i found it much more natural to compliment a girl wearing a unique dress. so bottom line, hairstyle isnt the be all end all. but be careful when u pick ur dress and make sure others won't be wearing the same thing.

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When you have some spare time, spend a little of it in front of a mirror and experiment with your hair. That might help you get a general idea of what you might like. Checking out magazines is a good idea. A lot of magazines have issues specifically for prom, you might try to find some of those--they're bound to have hairstyle ideas.

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thankz people....i asked my b/f wat he liked....and he said down.....like a down curly style....but im not into that....i;m goin for an updo...im gonna keep searchin...find some magazines...and see what my hairdresser can do....im thinkin LOTZ of curls pulled up....with a few strands of curls dangling out...like around the bun and in the bun...just for sumtin different....and of course....SPARKLES


my dress is sumwat original...its funky...i'm not a dressy up type person....so its good enough for me....i got the shawl to match...and now just trying to convince my mom to get me the matching purse as well...so then that atleast matches as well


only a few weeks away....

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