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The Best Sex You Evert Had


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It wasn't a particular moment, it was really the entire three weeks I had with my boyfriend in May. All of it is a complete blur- all of the feelings and emotions just run together. I remember just wanting to hold him as tight as I could, like I was afraid that if I didn't, he'd disappear into thin air. I love being with him.

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We went to my parents charity function. We messed around the whole night we were there (in private). We danced, we had fun. Then we went back with my sister (who was drunk) and we all went into the jakoozi and just relaxed. My gf and I drank some wine and my sister went to her room to sleep. I snuck down to where my girlfriend was sleeping at in the house, and we just had some kind loving sex. It was right before christmas so the tree lights were on and it was just beautiful. I love Christmas.



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