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Will lose my job, how to deal with emotions


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People in 3 entire floors of the building I work, will be fired due to job cuts, we do not know when, but very soon. I am surrounded by people who are feeling in ways you can imagine. Our jobs go to India. It was a complete surprise.


How to deal with such a thing? Any of you have passed through the same situation? Family finances are a concern to me. How to face that?

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Action and a plan will make you feel better. Gather all the references and contact info you can for your resume. Find out if any severance packages are available. Start your application for unemployment insurance so it will be ready to go as soon as your last day. And go ahead and look for jobs and edit your resume while at work. They aren't expecting much in the way of productivity or company loyalty now that the announcement has been made. Sorry that happened to you. It happens to almost everyone no matter how great they are at their job and it always SUCKS!

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Everything Heather says is right. Plan, use the time to your advantage.


One thing I would add is don't lose your temper, bad-mouth the company, or completely neglect your work. If you are the person who remains calm and responsible even in the face of bad news, your co-workers/supervisors/managers will remember that, and that may help you in finding your next job.

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