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The Backseat


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The Backseat


I put my feet down on the ground,

rummaging through the mess

to place them.

Comfortable I sat back

enjoyed the ride.

The bass pounding

wrecking havoc on my back.

Boom boom I go.

Eyes closed

window opened

hair flying

everything felt right.

Foot tapping




Slowly I opened my eyes again.

I saw it outside,

the lights.

Single bulbs of light

that slowly mended

and began to stream accross the dark.

Houses blurred into a wall

and lines of the road, lead me to places.


the one thing that calmed my sanity

was the bass.

It boomed

and it roared me a lullaby.

And out I went, once again.



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Hehehe. That almost perfectly describes by best friend's car, except for the good stereo! lol. A nice piece. Sometimes the happiest place on Earth is riding in a car at night, good music, good friends, and all your cares just seem to melt away in a flurry of beats and booze! good job.

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