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Allergens or smog/air pollution will trigger my chronic sinusitus. Prevention?

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I have different severity levels of chronic sinusitus during allergy season, fire season, and winter time, high pressure air inversions and the smog/air pollution problem that comes with it. I would be included in one of the "sensitive groups", as a meteorologist would put it. Right now, I am having a low-grade sinus infection, when I have mild symptoms of a sinus infection during the winter smog, which is white mucus in my nose, ear pressure and ear popping, head pressure, somewhat drowsy and difficulty focusing and concentrating on a task. These symptoms can last for weeks. Sometimes the symptoms clear-up, and sometimes the symptoms get worse and turn into a more severe sinus infection, which I need to go to the physician for and get the 10-day medicine to help clear this up. Is anyone else part of a sensitive group to allergy/air pollution, and if you also suffer from chronic sinusitus from a list of allergens, which trigger this, do you have any home remedies, or naturopathic remedies which would help prevent chronic sinusitus? The home remedy I am aware of, and I have tried regularly, is neli-med sinus rinse, which provides relief, but it doesn't prevent the problem. The same with pharmacutical nasonex. It provides relief, but it doesn't prevent the problem. The best prevention I can think of is filters for these allergens! Electric air purifier for the room, which I have, and placing filters on each nostril of my nose, if this exists yet. I had seen these nasal air filters on a TV show once, which were currently experimental, but not on the market yet.

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