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Question for Hairstylists

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If a customer complains about her haircut and isn't charged for the service, is the stylist punished, i.e. is s/he expected to pay for the cost of the service or anything?


Today, the customer before me disliked a small part of her haircut and complained. I didn't hear it, but I saw the exchange from afar, and my stylist (who is WONDERFUL) was quite upset. The customer's hair looked gorgeous to me, but I guess she asked for her bangs to be cut a certain way and then didn't like them when they were done. Again, they looked gorgeous to me.


I felt so bad for my stylist, and I gave her a bigger tip than usual. I also sent the company an email, telling them how pleased I was with my visit today and specifically mentioned my stylist. But I wonder if it will have any repercussions for her?

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Oh, that bums me out because they also waived the cost of my haircut because (1) the salon put my appointment on the calendar on the wrong day, so there was no record of my appointment today, so I had to wait 30 minutes, and (2) due to the previous customer's problems, my appointment was delayed by an additional 45 minutes. So they apologized and told me it was on the house. As I mentioned, I gave the stylist a big tip and specifically said it was a tip for her great work. I wish now that they had just charged me for the haircut too.



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