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yes this is such a great topic. No info on why you hate the world, no info on anything. Yab, great topic in general advice forum.



Things dont always go your way, you just dunt acknowldge it when it does go your way. People get sad when bad things happen but they dont get nearly as thankful when something good happens.

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Well becuase you are unlucky and the world is trying to bring you down. There do you feel better now? Your affirmation is reaffirmed do you feel better? I didn't think so.


The way you see your life is the way it is. You can choose to view a situation as a negative or positive experience. If you can learn a lesson from an experience then you can turn it into a positive learning experience.


Remember you control your mind, you control how you percieve things. Use this power for your benift not harm, Like you said there is enough things out there trying to bring you down. Why be one of them?

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I have not had such a great and wonderful life myself, but I am not going to allow what bad things that have happen, stop me from being happy. Yeah, life is full of ups and downs. You can sit there and stew and be misreable about all the bad things you have gone thru, but are powerless to change whats already happened. I have always believed strongly in thinking that every little thing that goes on in our lives, there is a purpose that it is happening, its a live and learn situation. I am just like you, just when I think I am on top of the world, something happens that knocks me back a few steps. So you learn from that, gain wisdom from what you learned, and move on, never giving up.

This life is all in what you make of it, you can allow all these bad things to ruin what could be the happiest moments in your life. Or you can bounce back, and march head on, never allowing it to happen again.

But most importantly, what has always helped me thru so many things, is keeping a positive attitude, and reminding yourself that things ALWAYS get better, and there are ones out there that have it a thousand times worse than you, and would probly envy the life that you have and dont like........

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