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As the headline says.....why?

I just dont get it. How is that women play these games? Why is it that when they want to show an intrest its all okay, but as soon as you act on that intrest they act like nothing?(WHY!!?)

I have this friend, well as you may have understood, she is apparently playing games. She shows intrest, she asks me to keep her company when shes alone and comes looking for me when she knows I am around. But when I try to act on her advance, she just backs off. She doesnt want to take it any further.

What on earth is going through her head?(And what beatiful head it is by the way.)[/i]

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You haven't said that she's doing to actually make you think she's interested in a relationship that goes further than friendship. Just because she wants you around and is friendly doesn't mean that she wants more than that. Women can easily keep men as friends, but men always seem to have other ideas.

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You may be right, but then pretty much many of my friends would be wrong. Because all I keep hearing is "Havent you done anything yet?" and "She's coming on to you here...dont you see it?"

Lets just say that you would have to deaf,dumb,blind,stupid and pretty much dead to think she wants me as a friend.

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