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I don't think this can go anywhere far.


Only if you two were to try really really hard and are willing to do this.


This relationship has just gotten off to such a bad start, the foundation isn't there. I think anything built on top of this will be unstable.


He will likely always be resentful and untrusting.


It's up to you, but I don't think anything good can come from this.

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I have to agree. This relationship didn't get off to a very good start to begin with. Then you slept with his twin, which was probably the worst thing that you could have done. Sorry, don't mean to rub it in. Since all their friends know about it, he's probably going to find out and even if they didn't tell him that you slept with his twin, would your really want that on your conscience staying in a relationship with this guy?


Also, based on Matt's past experiences, it doesn't seem likely that he will be willing to forgive and forget you did this. If you can get over Matt, I would. It sounds like you can't stop thinking about him. Maybe you should be the first one to tell Matt and maybe he will be willing to work things out with you, but it could take some time. You have violated his trust. Sorry I couldn't offer more optimistic help or advice!

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I said some things that I shouldn't have to my girlfriend... we broke up for a weekend and she kissed someone several times because she was angry. I was barely able to forgive her for that.. what you have done is obviously much worse. I would show him an ounce of respect and fess up to him, and also realize that you have permanently ended your relationship by your actions.

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