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Guess what this poem's about!


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Open minded I tend to be,

Open to everything imaginable.

Open as your endless sea.

Maybe I am to stride accross your lands,

But until now I gaze at your skies.

And only she can see the scars in my hands.

But to me the universe is endless as your eyes.

I am a lover,

Lost in a mindful of space.

I am more than you will discover.

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I am more than you will discover.


Interesting idea. Kinda simple... I liked it.. but there is something missing in it for me. Hmm I can't put a finger on it. Its like the rhyming got in your way a bit of telling your story... and the rhyming is too common.


Keep in mind that you want to throw some 100 dollar rhymes in as well as some of those 1 dollar ones so that the reader doesn't get overwhelmed.


All in all, interesting.



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