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home-schooling...will it affect me?

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Hey, I didn't know where to post this but I thought career might be a good place because this could affect my career.


I am home-schooling for just this year. Next year, where ever I am living, I'm going back to school. I want to go to college when I'm finished with high school but I'm wondering if I home-school this year will it affect me in the long run?


Will it be harder for me to get into a college because of home-schooling for one year? I have a future and really want a good career but I don't know if this will make it harder or set me back. Any replies would be great. Thanks in advance.




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Well,under,though homeschooling may seem like the easy way out,it could affect you in the long run.When you apply for colleges this will show up on your transcript.It may make you or break you when the college people(for lack of better words)look at you for there college.If your planning on going to a community college,it may not be that big of deal.But,if you plan on going to a state or better college,it may.I am not trying to make it sound like you will never get into college by homeshooling,but it will make the odds for getting in less.Good luck.



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i myself have never been homeschooled, but I have a friend from work who was homeschooled for all of high school. Based on her high marks, and the fact that she did well on the SATs, she got accepted into a really good university in Florida for law. So I honestly wouldn't worry, especially since you're going back to high school before you graduate. I don't really know how it is in the states -- but here universities look mainly at grade 12 & some grade 11 when deciding. Plus you have SATs they look at. In the long run, I don't think it will affect you badly or set you back.


Hope this helps a little!

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