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girl kept looking over.....


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while me and a buddy were at a bar....this girl kept looking over at me. She was really cute so I would look over too but every time I would catch her looking she would look alway. I tried being fast enough to catch her glaze and give her a smile but she would look alway to fast. My buddy noticed her looking at me(and I didnt even tell him), he said I should go talk to her but my excuse to him was that she wouldnt even smile.


had she smiled and made herself more open I would of....Should I have gone up to her with out solid eye contact?

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You played it safe. There's nothing wrong with that but of course you got 'nothing' from it. You admit yourself you had an excuse and you also needed solid eye contact as a excuse to go to her. Flirting and attraction is always a risk. Take a chance next time. Polite, friendly, honest. Try for a casual conversation, find out about her, then ask if you could see her again.


Just remember no amount of eye contact can be 100% clear, so just risk it

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As soon as read this I had visions of some girl somewhere posting on some forum somewhere getting advice on how to flirt. Being told to give eye contact but not too much. Being shy and demure, getting it a little bit wrong and then wondering why it didn't work. lol


Not everyones an expert on flirting, and there is a fine line between a lingering look and staring like a looney. Maybe she just wasn't sure where it crossed!


Serioulsy, if you have the confidence, you should have gone up to her and initiated conversation. And you were at a bar so it shouldn't have been relatively easy 'can I get you a drink' or something. Her answer would have potentially let you know for sure if she was interested in getting to know you better!


Maybe go back to the same bar, same time next week! You never know your luck

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