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Need some guidance

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I am 26, finished my MBA last December and work as a Senior Asset Liability Analyst in Buffalo, NY


Recently I accepted a position as a consultant for a NYC firm and I am set to move there in a few weeks and my first day is July 26th. The job sounds great and I should get a lot of experience from it. I would traveling Monday thru Thursday every week while going in to the office Fridays. I've never done consulting before and the whole thing is going to be new to me. The pay is decent but could be more.


I jsut recently received another offer from the Vancouver couterpart of the company I am working for now. Our site and 3 other sites (Vancovuer, Chicago and Bermuda) all roll up in to a North America Group. The manager from the Vancouver site contacted me offering me a job where I would still continue my employment with my current company but spend the next 3 years in Vancouver, doing something similar to what I am doing now but at a higher capacity. They would pay for housing, I would get a boost in pay and there other perks.


I am hoping there someone out there in the Finance field that can provide me with some guidance.

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Cant provide you guidance from a finance perspective, but as someone who has been in a consulting/auditing role for 8 years I can tell you that weekly travel is hell and not meant for everyone. Everbody thinks business travel is glamorous....its not. Yes Ive been everywhere in the US, but often I work so much all I see is an office and a hotel room. You eat like crap because you dine out, keeping a workout schedule requires extreme dedication and being stuck in airports and on planes full of sick people is no fun at all. Im not sure if the Vancouver job is less travel, but what good is living in NYC if your never there?

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Thank you so much for the info. It's been real difficult finding someone who works as a consultant. I hope you don't mind but I have a few more questions for you.


1. If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

2. What field do you exactly work in as a Consultant/Auditor?

3. Do you think that you've expanded your skill set vastly by becoming a consultant? The only reason I ask is that many people have told me that becoming a consultant is the best way to grow your skill set quickly as you are on different assignments every 3 to 6 months. (At least that's the premise with the job I am supposed to begin in a few weeks)


I had another phone meeting with the manager in Vancouver and what they are offering me is phenomenal. Apparently they really need someone like me to get them on the right track and Vancouver is gorgeous and I would be in one place and become a obtain a prestige role in the organization at the age of 26 where as most people in my field don't get to this status until about 15 to 20 years of experience it. I should note that this vast promotion would be guaranteed for the next 3 years at which point I am promised a position back at my current location but no real guarantee that I would keep my title.


I am not as concerned about that as just having something like this on my resume would be great and what I do is very specialized and I am good at what I do and I shouldn't have trouble getting a decent job in 3 years if I did want to leave my current organization.

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