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Almost painful work drama. Any tips to help me put things in perspective are VERY welcome.

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I've been getting fairly overwhelmed by some work drama lately. It's not at an unhealthy level, but I feel that day by day, it's adding up. Specifically, I'm being targeted, and I know to a certain extent everyone goes through this, but it's by a group of senior employees that simply don't like me despite my best efforts. I don't believe my big boss shares their viewpoints, hence... stupid work drama, people trying to keep their jobs, climb to the top, etc.


Most needed, is some advice on what other people do, like any of you reading this, to re-collect yourself, go into work the next day, and don't let this petty stuff get to your head.


I need a fresh pallet to work off of, but I keep letting the same stupid s**t run through my head over and over.


Anything would be appreciated, I've had a super bad day. Thanks.

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Policing in general, which is what I do, has some of the most fakest and phoniest people I have ever met in my life. It's worse than an office setting. Most officers have nothing better to do with their time but to complain about the department, other officers and most of all try to recruit you into their clique. It's just like high school. A bunch of grown a** men and women that can't keep their mouths shut about anything. So when I go into work, I make it part of my ritual to not discuss any of my personal life. My job is policing and doing my best to serve the community, not to get caught up in politics or "politricks."


I'm not sure what it is you do, but you have to learn to be self-motivated and proactive to stay out of the limelight if you can help it. People are going to target you, comment about your work and have such negative and "holier than thou" things to say about you. A lot of it you won't like, but none of it you have to agree to. My advice to you is, as long as you follow procedure and stay within your companies directives, you can't get snatched up for anything.

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The problem is that I don't stay out of the limelight what-so-ever, and I like it. I'm less of a p*ss* than 95% of the people I work with (lets face it because I don't have kids or a marriage) I'm super flexible. The more I type the happier I become. lol.


My point Normal... I get exactly what you are saying, and I enjoy the challenge.

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