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Probably a dumb question

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I'm probably being stupid but shall ask anyway.


I started taking the pill hmm about 2 weeks ago (first day of my period) and since I started I've had some spotting on and off, it's getting less and less every day. I know this can be normal for up to 3 months while my body's adjusting etc. But I'm sure I've read somewhere (or I might have just made this up) that it's ineffective if I'm getting some spotting? Is this right or is this something I've made myself believe is true? Haha. I've tried looking everywhere again and can't find anything. The little leaflet thing just says that it's effective straight away if taken from the first day of my period and if used correctly (obviously) but I can't see anything that says spotting means it's ineffective.


I have read though that spotting can be because it's been taken at the wrong time which isn't the case I don't think. I've taken it at the same time every single night (maybe just 10 minutes out). We're still using condoms for a while just incase but just want to be sure so I know in future.

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Don't worry - spotting is normal. It doesn't mean the pill is ineffective it just means that your body is getting used to the hormones. The spotting sounds like it will probably stop soon from what you've said.


The pill is made ineffective with certain prescription drugs like antibiotics (and some other types of drugs). You'll need to use extra protection during this time and for a week afterwards. Also if you experience diarrhoea or vomiting a few hours after taking your pill there may also be a problem.And of course if you miss one that may cause a problem too!


The lower dose oestrogen pills are the ones that usually give problems with spotting/breakthrough bleeding but for most women this will settle down.

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OK, thanks! I know vomitting, diarrhoea, antibiotics, some other medications and, of course, taking then at the wrong time/missing some can make them ineffective but was sure I read that while I'm spotting they're not effective/as effective.


Yeah, it probably is just my body adjusting, it hasn't been long at all. And it's not like it's much anyway. Can handle it as long as I'm sure the spotting doesn't mean they're ineffective.


That's OK then!

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