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I might deviate a little bit than the topic but I have question within the range of it.


My very close friend whom I really like and want to make my girlfriend cried on the phone one night, and we are thousand miles away from each other. I was almost speechless and was thinking really hard of what to say to her. She thought she's hitting a wall and her emotion is kinda unstable when she talked to me.


What should have I done? I need to know. I feel so useless for not been able to comfort her. ](*,)

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my ex got upset when i got teary eyed that just made me so mad....when he thought i was on the verge of crying he would get angry and leave the room..i just got agitated and stopped talking to him altogether...lol


but yeah, i think it depends on things like how close you two are to one another

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Why is she so far away, did she move away? If you want to be with her, you should not be friends with her, because it is very unlikely that she will ever see you as anything more than a close friend. But if all you want to do is be there for her and you don't mind only being friends for her, then when she cries to you, you just listen to her and try to give her encouraging words. That's really anyone can do; it is always up to the person themself to get past the problem.

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