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TEFL Certified...Finally!

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Just curious if anyone on this forum has taught ESL overseas. I am finally TEFL certified - finally meaning that I've been wanting to do this for 5 years now. I am applying for jobs left and right on link removed but am not sure where else to look. I know Dave's ESL cafe has some opportunities listed, but any ideas on where else I can go? I'm specifically looking for a job in Central/South America or Eastern Europe (preferably Central/South America since I know a little Spanish).


I am hoping to have a job for September/October...if anyone has any advice/ideas on where to go/what to do to better my chances of getting a job, I'm all ears!




~ Hopeful

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I think you'll enjoy Japan or South Korea a lot. Lived in Japan for 17 years, English teachers were hot commodity, plenty of opportunities not to mention all the people you'll meet and the different cultures you'll get to experience



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I was looking at Korea. They only require a college degree--no need for an ESL certificate.


I've explored ESL training courses, but they're expensive and there are so many different ones that it's hard to know which are truly reputable.


Congrats on finishing. It should definitely open more doors.

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Have you had a chance to look at the link I posted? I am sure the pay is great, and I know the environment there is great. I can give you more info if you want through PM.


Hey there -


Yes, I checked it out and the opportunity looks fabulous, however, they noted on the website that they have stopped recruiting for this year. I'd really like to leave the states in a few months or so (Jan 2011 at the latest). Thank you, though - it was worth looking at and I'm glad I did!


~ HR


p.s. - Turkey is on my list of places I'd love to teach, so if you know of any other companies recruiting, please let me know. )

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