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I've never had a good history with working...

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I guess i should mention straight away that I have Bipolar disorder, as my therapists have pointed out to me on several occasions that this could well be the reason I am fired or that I quit jobs due to stress. They have also suggested I only work part time.


I have not worked in three years, with the exception of a couple of months nannying here and there. in this time, I gave birth to my son who is now 18 months old. The problem is my CV is awful, and that I am scared of working due to stress. I am also in a French speaking country and my French is quite good but I have also been fired in the past for not being completely fluent.


I feel like I am ready to work again, but because of my CV I dont ever get interviews (IE previous office work that only lasted 3 months due to me quitting, long gaps of unemployment, no diplomas or degrees)


I would ideally work in an office as the money is good compared to shop work for example, but then again I was thinking if it was just shop work maybe I would be better suited as it is less stressful than the office politics etc. Every time I have held an admin job for example I have ended up feeling quite isolated (I am a bit shy too) and there are certain people who dont think I fit in. I also find the workload too much each time.


As you can tell by my post, I am a bit all over the place. My post sounds negative when I read it, but I am just trying to be completely honest

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By the way my CV was dreadful a few years ago too...I'd flitted from job to job...but then I struck gold and got lucky...the reason was, I was so desparate I was hunting for a job two hours every day and every interview I had I'd pretend I worked for the company already and come accross as really confident and sure of myself ( it was all acting though but it worked! )...Eclipse x

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Can you work on commission? Selling houses can be stress free for you. You work when you feel like it and you're either home all the time or driving around show people houses they can buy. Real estate agents don't need diploma or degrees, at least not in the US. You can also cater to Americans only or specific people.

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