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I wanted to know if by using just condoms the proper way , i will be safe from pregnancy since i really hate taking the pill because i get water retention ...

Can sperms gather around the outer ring of the condoms ??

Are thin condoms best for sensation ???

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There's always going to be a chance. If used properly, I think there's a 2% chance of pregnancy or something like that. Abstinence is the only sure way not to get pregnant, but if a condom is used properly, the odds are still in your favor by a large margin.

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It's always best to have two different types of birth control. Condoms can still break or slip.


If one pill makes you retain water try another, or try the Nuvaring, injection, or implant. You can always try spermicide or female condoms too. There are dozens of different types of birth control for men and women.

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Chemist? Is that like a pharmacy?


I know that some condoms contain spermicide. Other than that I'm not sure where you can buy just plain spermicide.


The point is to have a good, reliable form of birth control and a back up birth control just in case the first one fails. Condoms are a back up form for me, I just don't trust them enough for it to be my main/only form of birth control.

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