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Please help!!!!

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So I just tried to dye my hair red, I have been dying my hair black for like a year. My hair looks horrible! The top half is red and now the bottom is black! Is it bad if I dye my hair again tomorrow? Like just the top? Is my hair going to fall out? I just dyed it today and I would like to remove the dye on the top and have it be black again! Please let me know if you know the answer to this.

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I'm sorry this happened, so put your hair up into a messy bun under a cap - go to a salon and ask


I think what happened is the dye wasn't strong enough to take out the black and dye it red - when you dye your hair one color for so long especially, it's best not to dye it a completely different color until you grow it out. For instance, I've bleached/dyed my jet black hair for over two years now so I have these light brown natural highlights. Well one day I wanted my hair back to it's normal black, and it literally washed all out by the third day. I talked to my salon hair stylist Charlie and he said it wasn't a good idea to dye over a dye that's completely a different color especially - besides, it's pretty bad for your hair.


No worries, a salon will know what to do I hope somebody is more knowledgeable than me though hehe

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To go red from black you would have to bleach your hair to almost blond then apply the red.... a VERY damaging process.


However, if you want to just put black over the red color you did today- that shouldn't be too bad, because you are just asking your folicles to soak up color as opposed to striping anything away. Assuming you don't want to pay a salon for corrective color (pricey!!) Deep condition your hair tonight or tomorrow and then I think it would be ok to use the black color you've used before.

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I sympathise with you, I've done this! What I would recommend if you are in the UK is B4 by Scott Cornwall - colour remover, you can buy it in Boots and it works a treat! I was amazed, doesn't even mess up the condition of your hair, however deep condition it afterwards to be safe...


Or, in America, Colourfix and Colour Oops are the same I think...you should be able to buy them in a drugstore or Sallys and they all DO work...


Eclipse x

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