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the first girlfriend.


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Aww, I feel for you both.


Reconciliations are tough. Speaking from her perspective (because I'm currently in the same situation) the pain of being rejected so completely by someone you love is intense, and sometimes the only way to deal with day-to-day life afterwards is to go numb. Unfortunately, shutting down your emotions to avoid more pain also blocks out a lot of happiness. I'm guessing she was doing her best to move on, and for a long time denied her true feelings for you because it wasn't "safe" to love you anymore, and now suddenly it's ok to be vulnerable with you again, but it takes time to rebuild that trust and allow yourself to be open to receiving and giving love again.


The best thing you can do? Keep reassuring her of your intentions consistently. Let her talk about the break up and how it affected her if she needs to. Ask her what you can do to make her feel more comfortable with things.


And just to throw it out there, avoiding physical stuff for now might be a good idea. She might be under the impression that you missed making out with her more than her, let her know that you want to focus on building a strong foundation and that it's enough to just hold her in your arms for now!

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