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was this email professional?

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i'll try to make this short. our CEO had a computer problem on thursday. His assistant had put in a "ticket". I'm level one support. Seemed like an easy task, so I went for it. Turns out it was a little more complicated and we need to go into our email archive to pull out some lost emails. which I can not do since I dont have access. The CEO was kind of hot about this (that there was a problem).


So I kicked the ticket over to "network administraors", made it high priority, emailed them directly and also our manager. Today, fri, still havent heard anything back from anyone which is typical. His assistant emails me asking for an update and copies the ceo on it. I really didnt know what to say.........was this professional? could i have word it better?


i responded to her email and also cc'ed my bosses again......


"xxx or xxx, I've passed this ticket onto system administrators yesterday with a serv1. Can someone please take a look? I've left detailed notes in the ticket."



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I think you did good but if you really want to get to root of the problem, kick some doors down, if the "network administrators" are in your building I would make it a point to visit them, and to point out that this is the CEO with a problem and it needs to get solved. Then report back to your boss with what what you have done. You have not only reported it but trying to take supervisor position in trying to solve it.

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Not formally professional, seems more laid back or “cliché”/simple response to fit the need of the reply/message. No harm in it, it fits the purpose it was suppose to serve. (Although usually at my company are e-mails are a little more in-depth on the issues and request (We actually have to send forms/etc if we need to report a problem to IT or the Network Admin)... But each company and person writes differently, so it’s really no big deal… It's professional simply because it's completely work relate-and doesn't trail off the point of the e-mail so I think it's fine...


How come you’re worried about the response? Did someone confront you about it (the CEO or your boss for example) or are you just worried?

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thanks. trust me, the one boss i spoke to in person on thursday. so they are aware of it. i even emailed the network admins and copied that same boss. nothing. even with that email they still havent responded even with the ceo copied. so whatever.


im just asking because i dont really know what else to do if you email/talk to your boss and nothing is done and the ceo wants to know what is the deal.....well no one gives a beep thats why. i guess i needed to know how to word that professionally.

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Are the network admins in the same building or nearby? If so, go and see them, and stand over them while they do their job. Or if they refuse to do it while you're there, get the name of the guy responsible, agree on a time by which he'll do it, and then send a confirmation e-mail to him repeating the commitment and copy in your CEO. Then when it doesn't happen, your CEO can see squarely that you did all you could, and they simply reneged on an agreement.

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Best to keep everything in writing, always! People have been fired for less; with documentation, you have proof of your work.


I like to reiterate the ground already covered in an email, let them know who knows, and then end it with action plan and/or question about action plan. That way you discuss what YOU did, what others are expected to do, and leave it as a 'to do', rather than a 'what happened?' email.


Since I do not have access to the archived emails required to complete this work ticket, I passed the job on to XXX with a serv1 priority on Wednesday, April 28, as a high-priority assignment. The detailed notes are in the ticket. I also informed ABC and 123 on the same day, so if you need further information, you can also contact them.


Mr. CEO is requesting a status on the project; please inform him as to your expected completion date.


Thank you,


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