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I would say go out there and initiate some small talk with others and go from there. You can do this either in person or online depending on the comfort level that you are at. Small talk can go a long way. Go to some events that you enjoy and start your small talk there.

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Sports, music, local pubs and bars.


Generally doing these things means that you meet more like-minded people. There's also work and college/university/courses where you can meet friends.


Some friends just come and go, that's the way it's meant to be. Others stay a part of your life for years. That's just the way life goes.


My biggest regret has to be taking too many chances when I was younger. It sounds stupid, but I made some big mistakes in my younger days and there's a lot on my conscience. I guess I wish I'd been a bit more like you, more introverted and less reckless. I guess life teaches you.


All the best.

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