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Joining a purposeful program

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Hey, I am a college freshman who entered with a full ride scholarship... I'm about to lose it, I have stopped caring about school and I don't feel like it is for me. I'm sick of it, and I'm sick of most of the people there. University is definitely not for me, I will take classes at a community college while living at home at the very least next semester but I hopefully will not be attending Uni.


Anyways, I have decided I need to just step out of my box and do something totally different. I got caught up in trying to find hobbies and interests for a while and I just couldn't find things that really stuck, so I figure I need to try something completely new.


I was planning on joining Americorps and hopefully finding something outside of the country that I could do for a bit. Are there any other sorts of work opportunities or programs I could become a part of that would allow me to live outside of the country just for like a year or less?


Or is there any other way I could just get out there? I have little money, but I wouldn't mind living at home and just working full time for a bit to save up and do something.

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Think in the long run, will the career you want later on in life require a four-year degree? If so, I would stick with it. You're very fortunate to have been granted a scholarship and you should take advantage of that. Be grateful you don't have to bust your ass waiting tables or sell movie tickets to pay for tuition like some of your peers. But if you don't feel like a degree would be of any use to you, find your own way..

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Umm... I don't want to live a traditional lifestyle. I've done a lot of career searching and taken multiple classes designed for that purpose, and there isn't really a "fit" for me. Anyways, besides getting a 4 year degree and becoming a clone, are there any programs that exist like that besides Americorps?


EDIT: Also, I will be losing the scholarship because I don't have enough units, so there is nothing that can be done to keep it. They are also increasing tuition next semester so I probably won't be able to go.

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Americorps only places you to do volunteer work in the US. The Peace Corps places you for international work. There are other programs that you can do for national service (City Year, Teach For America), but not many other than the Peace Corps for international service, unless you want to teach English abroad.


And the rub on all of these? Many require a college degree, and those that don't STRONGLY encourage it. In addition, they require years of volunteer and leadership experience, much of which people garner through leadership in university organizations.


So unfortunately, I think it'd be darn near impossible to get into one of these programs at your age without a degree.

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