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Infected wisdom teeth

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First time in a while, was driving me crazy until i pulled a castaway.


So all 4 of my wisdom teeth came in good, all straight, just enough room, no impaction, multiple xrays say they are fine.


But every 6 months or so i get an infection wayyyy under my gum or on the sides of my wisdom teeth, below where any possible better hygene could occur, infact ive never had a cavity, didnt need braces, my teeth for all intensive purposes have given me absolutely no issue except this.


Should i get them pulled? I literally popped my gum it hurt so bad, wasnt the first time in my life ive done it either, i should have noticed my bad breathe in the past day or so, now my glands are all swollen and my jaw kills!


I gargle with salt water frequently when it happens, going to the doctors today for other reasons, but will request antibiotics.


it occurs like between my deep tooth and gum, once i popped it it really feels 100% better, and usually recovers but for that whole day it like sucks.


Anyone else experience this?

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I used to have that happen at times in my teens. I would get an abcess and pop it. At 39 I still have my wisdom teeth and the problem is no longer an issue. That said, what I did was so not the right thing to do. I had a lot of bad run ins with a bad dentist as a child and I just didnt want to deal with going to one. I advise you get that checked. The swollen glands are a result of the abcess.

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Ouch! Well def. talk to your dentist. And i'd get them pulled. You can just get the one pulled that's causing problems as long as the other ones are fine, as you say. It's cheaper and recovery time is better, but if your going under anyway might as well get them all out just to be safe.

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