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hit rock bottom can only get better

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Its almost sad to think someone you've cared so much for and invested so much of your life could bring you down that low. Maybe its just as sign showing you that you were blinded by love and it wasn't meant to be. It makes you a new and better person growing from the expeirence and being able to start over new again. I am in the same boat..cant delete the ex number out of my phone or "defriend" him from facebook ect but I am sticking strong on my NC! It has been hard I dont know how many times I've picked up the phone to text or call but I stay strong and know its for the best if I dont.


Since I cannot delete his number out of my phone just yet, I put his name under "Dont Answer" so when he calls or texts I snap out of the heart drenched feeling and it makes me come back to reality of why we're not speaking in the first place. This might help you as well!

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