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how do you handle alone at the holidays

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I use the holidays as my time to take care of and spoil myself. I know it sort of goes against the Christmas convention of giving, but I look at it as giving to myself to find peace. And there's nothing wrong with that. My counselors tell me my single biggest weak point as a human being is my inability to bestow grace and peace upon myself.


I take time off work, stay in my pjs if I feel like it, putter around the house reading novels, watching old tv shows. I do a full professional detail on my car, light some candles instead of turning the lights on. Go for a run, go for a swim, go for a hike in a chilly snowy place. All sorts of things.


I've been alone every Christmas of my adult ife - one gets used to it. For some reason the 4th of July is the one that makes me cry now...

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If you have family member, or a friend. make sure you make appointment that special day to do something together. whatever your hobbies are (eating is a hobby too) do them indulge in them.


Go out with your guy friends and do some girl scouting. it is a competitive world. the earlier you start the better you will be next year.


making lots of money helps too.


money is power and power is aphrodisiac. so women will be all over you like the axe commercial.

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