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That "missing him" feeling and yet...

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he's a player.


I've been reading people's threads on how they fought with their ex's, how they were so different, how their interests were so far apart, how the laughter failed and fun ceased to exist.


In my case, we were peas in a pod. He was trying to build a relationship with my son who's own father has never been in his life (my son is 16)... The last time I saw him we howled with fits of laughter, finding the enormously funny side of something he and I did. The last weekend I spent with him, he left me phone messages saying how he thoroughly enjoyed being with me and would do it again.


When he was gone for the next 11 days with extended family, he texted me saying how he was thinking of me, and left me voice mails.


A week ago he wrote me and asked how I was, how was the new company I formed doing (4 days post break-up).


I responded with a loving, kind "wish we could work this out" email...


He posted on a dating website.




It's hard to reconcile the months of roses, laughter, golf clubs, movies, theater, etc and fun... with what has transpired now. Maybe it'd be easier had we fought, disliked each other, never had any fun, never laughed... but we did.



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Awwww...I'm so sorry to hear that. You are right! Many people on here were mistreated, cheated on, in bad relationships where they never got along or were used, but your situation seemed healthy and normal. His even trying to be a father figure to your son is amazing. My bf did the same thing with my daughter and wanted to be her father since her father passed away when she was 22 months old.


Unfortunately though, sometimes, even when there are good times, some people only focus on the bad. Also too, sometimes people get scared of the relationship and run away, or their feelings aren't deep as in love, maybe only friendship. I could be way off with these reasons so I guess I should ask why you two broke it off in the first place?

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I don't know... Nothing makes sense to any who knew us... or to me... it's all really, really bizarre...


His actions post-break up would indicate he's a player... his words and actions to my son and me, would have indicated love...


It's all just very weird... like no one can believe we've broken up; and yet, we are.

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