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Best way to get over someone

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occupy your time with others, do something that can take your mind of that person and stick with it...watch TV, DVD's...Go out with friends, meet new people....


music i would stay away from, it has the power to bring back emotions.



Any hobbies your into. I know myself i Love to Bass fish, but it's winter Now so i choose to take up the hobby of Computers, Learning about networking, also being VERY artistic, i sometimes draw in Corbis, or Photoshop...even MSpaint, Just to take my mind.


lets not forget Going to the Club on the weekend with friends...good place to meet new and interesting people.

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The besst way to get over somebody is to occupy your time with anything. Things like working out, playing on the computer, going out with friends, and etc. Time is the only way to get over somebody, but it is not actually the time but what you do with this time. Make yourself a better person for your next love interest. Read self help books. Do things that you used to enjoy doing prior to you going out with the person. Anything that you do that makes you better on the inside is what you need to do.

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Alright here's what you need to do man. First off you need to not let this get to your head. I know what you're going through and feeling depressed and mad will NOT help. You need to take it one day at a time. I've learned that you can't expect to get over someone in one day. You need to take it one day at a time. Heres a tip, put a rubberband around your wrist and whenever you think about this person just snap the rubberband. Its negative association... the more you do it the less you will think about him/her because your mind will be distracted with the pain you just inflicted on yourself. Don't go overboard now and snap like a maniac... but take it a day at a time. Thats how the lead singer of Staind (Aaron Lewis) got over smoking. With the rubberband trick, everytime he had a craving he snapped a rubberband that was on his wrist... took his mind off the craving. Time will heal your heart man, go on with your life and you'll have ms. right begging for your attention.

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