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dying to hear from you


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hello all. I am writing because I have a lot of suicidal thoughts. Where to begin... anyways my story is a long one.. I think i may be either bi-polar or borderline personality disorder. My life can be defined as anxiety. I have very compulsive behavior. I have a problem with marijuana. I also think i have symptoms of ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder. I have been in a family quarrel for around 2 years and it eats away at me everyday. I am concerned because I have obsessive thoughts about killing myself, ones that i acted on a couple of years ago and are still here... I work in construction so any day I could just pick up a framing gun and put a nail in my temple... just like that! and its tempting. id say for the majority of the day i am thinking about killing myself. In a couple of weeks hopefully my insurance will have processed so i can see a professional. please give me some hopeful words I really hate life ](*,)

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Hey murman - great name BTW - ANY person's pain is our pain. Its what makes us human.


Maybe you really should consider seeing someone. If talk therapy won't help, maybe you'll find you needs meds. Nothing wrong with that. There's plenty of meds that'll help.


Suicidal thoughts aren't actually uncommon. Just be sure you take it seriously and get some help. OK?

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i think i mentioned that im more worried about putting a nail in my brain, because i might just compulsively do it, not jump off a bridge. thanks for the words... I just hope i get hooked up with a good counselor.. I have seen 5 different ones in my life of 25 years, no of them have i been able to connect with, or help me.

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