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Does sheer cover actually work?

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If anybody knows about/uses a product called Sheer Cover makeup, does it actually work? It says it's 100% minerals, and it's supposed to keep your skin glowing and healthy. I want to believe this, but is it just a bunch of biloni?


They say that it's the hottest thing in Hollywood right now, and that alot of celebrities use it to hide their 'flaws' as they call it. They have a full moneyback guarantee after 60 days, sooo I guess it wouldn't be a full blow if it doesn't do what it says it's supposed to do. I'd just like to get some opinions before I go and purchase it

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Well, my mom ordered some late one night when she was too tired to think straight...


It actually works well, I think. Or at least, I like it. It's really easy which is the main reason I like it so much. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but if I want to look nicer, all I have to do is slap on some mascara and spend fifteen to thirty seconds putting some of the powder foundation on.


I don't know about it keeping skin particularly healthy, but it does feel pretty nice on your face... it's not all cakey and stuff. So yeah, a positive from me, at least.


However, you may be able to find a generic brand that's just as good but a lot cheaper. Just a thought.

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Okay thanks. Well they have a bonus going on right now where you can get all this stuff for $30. I have frequently mild breakouts and they're very annoying. I currently use Clinique foundation + powder, but it looks like I'm wearing makeup, the makeup wears off easily, and my breakouts still show So I'm trying a whole bunch of stuff to see what works for me best. Thanks again! I'll try it

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