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16 and wondering..


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I am 16, just turned it in August. I was wondering about the normal penis size for my age is? I am about 1-2" limp and about 5-6" erect, however, I remember the videos from Health class that said when going through puberty you get random erections, and I am still getting those quite frequently, have been for 5 months. Could it be I am just now starting puberty late? I just started getting arm hair a few months ago, too. The doctor said that I am a little under average ( ) for my age, but there is "still growing time" left...So can anyone help me out please?

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That is rather small and you probably won't grow much more.. sorry bud..


haha, j/k. Don't worry. If you just started getting hair under your arms and everything, I wouldn't worry to much about what your current penis size is. Your doctor is most likely right, you do have some growing time left. However, I'm not an expert. That's just my opinion. I'd trust your doctor. Don't worry, 6" isn't small.

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dont worry about it man, i always get a bit irratated when people complain of their size. I would get worried if it was really really small, but if its only a few off the average, then dont worry about it. Its not as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. Everyones different and theres not much that can be done about it unless you want something artificial or scientific to fix it. People lose hair while others keep theirs, and its not a big deal. Its the same with your size. lool Dont worry dude it will get bigger and into a 'man's size' when you become a man! lool


i bet you cant wait for that

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