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How to act around someone who hurt you

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Hi everyone,


Well tonight im going to be out with work and see someone who deeply hurt me and who I am still hurting from. We work together and I havent spoken to them for over a month - but tonight is going to hurt just seeing them.


Any ideas on how to handle it?



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Anything you can do to appear as strong as possible will help, and I know that is hard, but it will make you feel most proud later.


I would try to keep contact to a minimum if that is possible.

How will you be seeing them? Will it be a large group of people? Will you be able to avoid them and socialize with others and try to remain professional and keep a smile on?


I went through a long period of time where I was so afraid of running into my ex and his new fiance at the supermarket or something, and all I could do was imagine going nuts in the produce aisle and throwing vegetables at them or something silly like that (he left me for her and proposed within a year). Sometimes this made me laugh at myself... sometimes it made me swell up in anger... but eventually it faded.


Keep the thoughts in your head, and your strength on the outside, and you will get through it.

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