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In your opinion and experiences how long does it take, from the moment you start going out with someone, to realize if you want that person to be with you for a long time or not. Basically how long does it take to get to know someone, better yet - how long do you think it takes people to stop trying to be nice and be real in a relationship. I ask because i know the 1st 6 months it always seems to go well then it all falls apart because its not new anymore and people start being nice and start to act real.

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i know the feeling, people enjoy what could be called the honeymoon period where everything seems to be sun and roses, this is becuase at this moment you are honest and reliable on yourself. you are basically going into the relationship and seeing what you learn and gain as an outcome. it may be that relationships are great but become roky after a few months. life is but a trial and error. you need to have faith in your relationship and whilst being nice as you put it you also have to be honest and true from the start.


a relationship doesnt come with a time line its natural to everyone. its your own experiances faults and gains. you will find someone that amazes you and last far much longer than 6 months.



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