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So which one is it?


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I always keep saying to myself "Once I find someone else, I'll be able to finally get her out of my mind and move on completely". But sometimes I get the feeling that it's actually the opposite: "Once I finally get her out of my mind and move on completely I'll find someone else".


What do you guys think?

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its time. I think that is what helps us really move on.


I agree with this post. A new person in your life will only force you to mask your feelings by rebounding or go into the new relationship unavailable emotionally.


I do think that some casual dating sprinkled into the healing process can definitely help take your mind off of your ex and also show you that there are other great people out there.


After enough time has passed, you'll know you're over your ex cause it doesn't consume your mind like it did and you're ready to get back into the game.

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