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Omg I Can't Take This

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That is my story, but for those of you who don't have time to read it, I am in the middle of a break up with my common law husband, the father of my 1 year old daughter. All I can think about is that I want to be with him! I can't stop crying. Then I get so angry at the thought of him with someone else, even though I don't have that right. Plus, I am sure he isn't with anyone. I just can't shake this!


He has Jorja (my daughter) 2 days per week and this is one of those days. Its always hardest when I don't have my daughter with me. Help me! How do I get through this! ](*,)

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I'm so so so sorry...I know how you are feeling. I do.


I know I can say over and over that you are better without him and you might very well be but it's still going to be hard. It took time for me to be okay with my baby being with his dad but I would jam-pack my day til there wasn't a second left to sit and think. I think that might help you. You gotta stay busy. Things will be ten times harder if you just stay idle and think.

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Be there for yourself, the guy is not around, and if for whatever reason your daughter can't be with you there's always going to be a person that you have to think about, look after, help and make feel better (yes, you).


Something as simple as reading a book can improve your life a lot, you can make that your hobby (in case it isn't) during the days your daughter has to be with her dad.


Invest your time wisely and give yourself the chance to be okay on your own.

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