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Inconsistent protein intake causing lack of results?

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Hi all,

I'm curious to know if consuming inconsistent amounts of protein each day will hamper my efforts of getting big. What I mean is one-day I'll consume 120 grams of protein and then the next day maybe 170 grams then another day only 100 grams. To get big do you need to have a steady amount of protein each day?


Also another question is can you have TOO much protein. I just bought myself some "Whey Protein Powder" which is like 94% pure protein. Is it wrong to have like 100 grams of this protein powder a day?



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Hey Puny. I think that a variation in protein intake from 100-150 gm/day shouldn't be a big problem. And yes, you can eat too much protein, it can overtax your liver. I was told by my nutriotionalist that you should eat 1/3-1/2 your weight in protein grams and 1/2-2/3 your weight in protein grams if you are trying to build muscle mass. I wouldn't go over 150gm/day of protein. good luck!

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Many people underestimate how much protein we need. The body especially a trained one is extremely efficient is processing protein. As a general rule we are told 2grams per kilo of body weight is ideal, but it is not uncommon for bodybuilders to consume triple this recommendation on a daily basis.

I have only been going to the gym for 4 months, the first 3 months I was consuming about 140 grams of protein a day. Just in the last month I upped it to about 200 grams and I have gotten great gains in that period.

My protein of choice is VP2.

Remember that the training in gym is just as important as your diet, so train hard with intensity like Dorian Yates. Also don't forget to have protein before you go to sleep.

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Besides that your body needs protein before and after working out. Otherwise the muscle that you will be trying to build up will be using itself in order to fuel your workout(As in your muscles are being eaten rather than being built up). Also after working out your metabolisim is still running at a higher rate so have protein after otherwise you wont see a whole lot of results. Try cliffbars, raisin bran isnt a bad source either... Also your emune system runs about 460% higher (I think the article on menshealth) when you eat 1200 calories right when you wake up for breakfast. Eat breakfast every morning even if you think your not hungry your body still needs it especially if you work out on a fairly consistant basis... I have recently started working out and running more and I've found it really productive to atleast drink 1-2 protein shakes in the morning, providing a wakeup and boost of energy.

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At home we got one of those body scales that also measures your body fat. When I measured myself in October I weighed 175lbs with 25% body fat. Recently I noticed that my pants are a lot looser because my waist is getting smaller and my shirts are getting tight because my shoulders and chest have expanded.

Yesterday when I stepped on the scales my weight was 180lbs but the good thing is that my body fat is down to 16%. I can't believe I have packed on so much muscle in such a short time. The only sports supplement I take is Whey Protein Isolate.

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