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How old is too old or how young is too young?

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hi, i have met this wonderful woman who i thought was around 24, but turns out is only 19. i just found out. we never discussed our age, and i am not even sure if i remember telling her i am 31. i know i don't look it so she could easily think i am 26. i was wondering if this is way too much of an age difference to everyone.

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Well, when I was 21 I dated a 34 year old for about a year. It was great. I knew we didn't have a future though, being thirteen years apart. . . I know some people can be mature for their age or imature. . . so I don't even know how much the 'actual' age matters. . .


Good luck!

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i would have to say that is great that you have met such a wonderful woman, and as long as you have or do discuss the issue there shouldnt be a problem. i agree with dude123 with what hes saying. how can you put an age on love.


one thing that i did find was that the best thing is to ensure that you have a mature relationship if you wish so, and you both want the same things or at least willing to head for the same things. what i mean by this, is, are you looking for commitment? basically discuss what you both want. although love grows and either way there could be a different ending.


enjoy yourself and good luck with your choice.


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hlaf your age plus seven years it really is true. But you want to be careful it is easy to fall in love with a young woman. They are so full of life, energy and well are willing to experiment a lot more. But you may have your heart busted when she does the early 20s rollover, we all did it and usually we arent with the same person we were with when we were in our late teens.


That said love can overcome many boundaries, i would just stay eyes open on her wanting more from life outside of your experience

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