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Anyone ever take bartending classes?

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Not worth your money.

I have worked in restaurants for 5 years and everyone I have worked at says they laugh at people who went to bartending school and through their resume away. The best thing to do would be start out cocktailing somehwere, then bar backing, then learn to bartend that way. But...best of luck.

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Hmm. That actually doesn't surprise me. My problem is that I want to do it for fun as a part time gig, not as a career. I don't mind waiting tables here or there, but I'm not really interested in waiting tables, hoping to move into bar tending.

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heard the complete opposite... If you go through a bar tending school you skip all that bar backing garbage and start the real deal.. plus many schools will help you get a job immediately afterwards.. I'm not sure on the costs but it can't be hard to figure out... courses take 1-4 weeks... I want to say between 400-500$


I actually plan on doing it after I'm done with school here as a kind of side thing.. because I've always wanted to!!


I know a couple people that have gotten certified and they told me to do the same unless I wanted to bar back for a year before getting the chance to work behind the bar!!

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Well... in an interesting turn of events, I modified my professional resume to highlight my customer service work all the way back through working as a short order cook in high school and submitted it to the GM of a hotel that is opening soon, with the objective of obtaining a part time bartender position.


I have an interview Monday.


Though it's clear from my resume that I don't have any bartending experience, I figure it's probably useful to memorize a few drinks before I go in. Any suggestions on a top 10 list of drinks to know?

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