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clingy vs codependent

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I would have to say yes. I am a veary clingy person in life and relasionships.

where does the line get drawn when clingy becomes too much? Is a personal thing? or is there a set standard...
Now that is a good question. I think it all depends on the person. Someone that is clingy it is harder to makle it to much. But to someone who is not then us clingy people drive you up the wall. But even us clingy people have are limets and when we find someone that is worse then us we go crazy. I hope that this helps you
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Clingy and codependent are COMPLETELY different things.


Just to prove my point, I looked up both words in the online dictionary:


codependency: a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (as an addiction to alcohol or heroin)

- co·de·pen·dent /-d&nt/ noun or adjective


clingy: a : to have a strong emotional attachment or dependence b : to remain or linger as if resisting complete dissipation or dispersal


I think that should be enough to answer your first question. As for the second question, I think you've got it phrased wrong. YOu should say, "When does 'attached' become 'clingy'?" Attached is when you go, "Oh, I love my Teddy Bear, I wanna take it everywhere!" but you leave it home during the appropriate times. Clingy is when you take your teddy bear to the mall with with your friends, on dates, and to work. Am I making any sense or did I totally msis the point?

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great points annamarie!


I wasnt sure, because maybe not being able to "let go" which i would assume was the same symptom as being clingy


I was kind of thinking that need to be needed (which people who have codependent issuesor relationship addictions have) is similar to being clingy


I dont know now a days it's like dont touch anybody or think anything it all codependency.


could it be that?


oh also.... can you be codependent if you havent had a relationship in years? or is it you can be in a codependent. gosh I am so confusing myself.


I guess I am trying to analyze my behavior to see. I was in a codependent relationship, and I am trying t gauge my growth if (hopefully) any!

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